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 Natural Woman, the place to be for all your natural, healthy and alternative medicine products!

Here at Natural Woman you can shop with peace of mind knowing that we have put all our energy on sourcing suppliers and products which are better on your health and the health of the environment. Though our products are alternative products than those off the high street shelves, these are by no means any less in quality. In fact, many a times you will find Natural Woman products better in quality as our suppliers have made products with your health and the environment as first priority in their designs. Suppliers like Napiers, who make herbal and plant remedies, or Natracare, who make feminine products only with certified organic cotton. Other highly recommended products include the Swiss O Par, eyelash and brow dye which doesn't contain the harmful ingredient hydrogen peroxide - which is found in the majority of dye products. Sensatone and the Pelvic Toner for feminine health. And Promensil supplements and test kit, for ladies going through their menopausal stages.

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